Twitter Hack For Viral Website Traffic

Here is the code that you will need to pull this off and the steps below!  Enjoy!

  1. change “[email protected]” to “[email protected] twitter handle”
  2. Customize text following [email protected]: This is your kick ass take action message and blog post link up to “>
  3. <img src=”/retweet.png” width=”350″ height=”75″ /></a> This is your image source location and size
  4. Don’t forget to steal borrow my custom twitter button!

<a href=”[email protected] AWESOME new video on Art Of Podcasting Blog You need to check this out!”><img src=”/retweet.png” width=”350″ height=”75″ /></a>

“How To Produce A Professional Looking Webshow That Gets Watched, Shared On Social Media, Attracts More Sponsors, And Gets You Paid.”


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