Video Podcasting with Inferior Sound Quality?

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Awesome HD video podcast and horrible sound?

This video was shot with the Canon HV40 camcorder. I was sitting approximately 3 feet from the camera in a completely quite room.  As you can see the picture quality is great but the sound quality… well, that’s another story.

Unless you spent more than $3,500 dollars on a professional grade camera, (one with XLR inputs) your audio quality pretty much stinks!

The key to producing kick butt video podcasts

You need to use an external audio recorder like the Zoom H4n during all your video shoots.  This lets your camera do what it does best, shoot VIDEO;  And, the Zoom H4n captures all the audio in CD quality sound!  Put those together and it’s like peanut better and jelly.

Below is the same video with the Zoom Audio added to the track.  Hear the difference!

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