Mac Podcasters Get Legendary Sound With Apogee

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On today’s show:

  • We take a look at Apogee Electronics and why their audio interface has quickly become the gold standard for Mac users, professional sound engineers, and recording artists around the globe.
  • Crush the rumor that recording a podcast in a computer environment is risky, unstable, or produces poor sound quality.  On the contrary, most professional studios with multi-million dollar budgets record audio on computers.  If they can do it… so can you!
  • For small shows with 2 people or less, I recommend trying out the Apogee Duet.  The Duet is incredibly easy to use, integrates seamlessly with Garage Band, and is guaranteed to produce professional sound!  Oh yeah, and it travels well too!
  • Going big?  Try the Apogee Ensemble.  Perfect for studios with multiple hosts, phone lines, skype, and streaming internet environments!
  • I share with you some key tips for bullet proofing your studio and preventing those untimely disasters.
  • I also explain why your podcasting success depends on a process that is easy AND duplicatable.  Let’s face it, most shows fail before they reach their 10th episode!  Don’t let that happen to you!
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grant May 15, 2019 at 11:55 pm

nice website…i just bought the new macbook pro (for work) with the USB-C inputs. we want to do podcasting on it. two people speaking at once, on the podcast. you recommend using the Apogee Duet i see…but what mics do you recommend i buy with that? what else would need to be purchased for a basic setup? thanks,

– Grant


Admin May 16, 2019 at 4:28 pm

Hey Grant!

Thanks for stopping! I’m a fan of all Apogee products but when it comes to podcasting, there are now better options available. I put together a 30-minute training video (updated 2019) explaining what equipment you need and why you need it. These two items will get you dialed in.

Go to this page to get the goods:


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