Product Launch Crash Course With Nathan Jurewicz & The Other Side Of Dan Kennedy.


On today’s show:

We interview Nathan Jurewicz and discuss all the research and development that went into his latest product.  There is a lot of good stuff here so pay close attention and take notes!

Nathan also talks about a recent visit with the renegade and marketing guru Dan Kennedy.

Special Shout Outs To Our Friends… – Your source for professional leadership skills taught by a Six Sigma Black Belt and US Army veteran Martin Hickey.

Also check out the Bunker Project – A social media podcast taken off line and recorded in front of a live studio audience!

Take your marketing skills to the next level with NO BS BOOKS!


“How To Produce A Professional Looking Webshow That Gets Watched, Shared On Social Media, Attracts More Sponsors, And Gets You Paid.”



Thanks for the shout out. Been busy as all get out lately. @40mmlssengineer 

Andrew McGivern
Andrew McGivern

Thanks for the shout out about The Bunker Project Meetup and Podcast. We'd love to have you come up for a show! Or join us on the show via Google +. I am glad the AOP is back in action. It is one of my favorite podcasts and I was pleasantly surprised to see new episodes showing up in my pocketcasts app. I also love the fact that you enjoy listening to The Bunker Show. Looking forward to talking podcasting over a black beer at The Bunker Project! Cheers, Andrew McGivern

Art Of Podcasting
Art Of Podcasting moderator

It's always a pleasure to share great resources.  The bunker project kicks ass!  I really like the show venue and out of the box mentality that you guys bring to the table.  Send me your contact information so we can work out the details of the Vancouver trip. [email protected]

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