PreSonus Studio Live Mixer Unboxing

PreSonus StudioLive Mixer

How it got the mixer

So the PreSonus StudioLive just got delivered to my studio and I am super excited.  I made an inquiry with PreSonus to see if I could demo the unit. Not only was I interested in getting my hands on the bleeding edge technology of the StudioLive, I also wanted to demonstrate how powerful this mixer could be for people that podcast or do web broadcasting. The StudioLive is not just for musicians or studio engineers.

Working with PreSonus

I’m really impressed with Presonus.. Everyone I spoke to at the corporate office was knowledgeable and very friendly. I can’t remember a single call or email that wasn’t returned. I even placed a call to customer service (often a great to start when you want to see how a company values your business) and had no problem getting my questions answered.  Trust me, these guys are good.

Express Delivery

PreSonus offered to ship the 40 lb mixer on their dime via next day air. Although I was anxious to get the unit, I told them it wasn’t necessary to go that crazy. I didn’t need the unit yesterday, so I told them I would be totally happy with ground shipping. PreSonus countered my offer with 2nd day air. How could I resist?

As for the un-boxing…

I originally planned to shoot this un-boxing video with two cameras. As luck would have it, one of them stopped working. That’s a problem when you’re filming a “one take” shot.

As the video shows the StudioLive is packaged very well. There’s three layers of heavy duty cardboard protecting the mixer. I’d say you’re pretty much guaranteed this bad boy will arrive in perfect working condition.

(If you look closely it appears the box is damaged…look again and you’ll see it’s just a tricky graphic)

Stay tuned for more great videos

I’m gonna put this mixer through it’s paces. Don’t hesitate to post your questions or suggestions below. It’s a big investment for any studio so let me help you make the best decision possible.

Let’s do this!

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