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Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz

Hi Quin: I just found your podcast and am seriously considering going the Logic/Apogee route that you recommend over the common Adobe Audition / mixer technique that other podcast consultants are recommending. My questions to you: 1) The other podcast consultants talk about a mixer + limiter + gate + compressor hardware. If I go with an Apogee Duet 2 or Ensemble, would I still need a limiter + gate + compressor hardware? 2) Or, I notice that your Logic workflow video shows that you have a limiter + noise gate + compressor + EQ (in the aqua blue color). Are the limiter + noise gate + compressor + EQ built into the Logic software? 3) Assume I want to bring in a Skype call and use the SoundByte cart software at the same time. With an Apogee setup, how would I do this? Thank you for your content. -Michael

Art Of Podcasting
Art Of Podcasting moderator



No worries.  When you buy the Logic Pro software you'll get all the plugins necessary to master and produce a professional quality product.  The software includes a limiter gate, compressor, EQ and tons more goodies.  Trust me... you'll never run out of options with Logic.   


If you're going to bring in a Skype call AND use SoundByte for an audio cart you'll need to look at the Ensemble.  The Duet only offers 2 channels. 


So with the Ensemble all you'll need to do is take each input i.e. Skype, Sound Byte, and your voice and plug them into the unit.  That's it. 

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