The Essential Landing Page Tutorial

Sometimes it’s great to go back and do a little self reflection.  In this case, I’ll throw myself under the bus and show you where I think improvements could be made on one of my old landing pages!

Now keep in mind, this landing page was very effective, and probably why I left it alone.  As I mentioned in the audio portion of the show, my success rate was 38%.

To test my work,  I actually called a professional firm recommended BY Google to audit my campaigns and provide feedback.  At this stage of the game, I was still new at the landing page stuff, and I wanted every conceivable advantage I could find.  As you might have guessed, the firm agreed to take on my account (for a fee of $2,500 dollars per month) but also advised that my campaign numbers were very strong.  So much in fact, they doubted any “significant” improvement and questioned my return on investment.  Luckily, I picked an honest company considering I was willing to shell out cash!

If I was critiquing my old landing page today… I would change:

  • The Grabber is my opening headline.  As with my example, I think it could use some separation.  You will notice I actually combined the benefit and call to action.  A simple change like separating the two ideas and making them my one / two punch may have been more effective.
  • My headline is also in all small caps.  Horrible to say the least.  This was a default setting for the web page template I was using.  Still, this is an example of me not making a good web page selection.
  • The sentence starting with “as a proud veteran owned company…..”  is noise.  Less is more, and this statement does not make the close any stronger.
  • I would also rewrite the last sentence to something like: “Get started today, and leave the rest to us.”  Delivers the same message but simple and clean.

Crush your competition / Rules to follow:

  1. No matter how good your landing page is, it can ALWAYS be better.  This means you must split test.
  2. Always follow rule number one!
  3. When split testing, don’t make drastic changes between the two variations.  Too many changes are very difficult to track.  For instance: change only a headline, color, or maybe even just a couple words in a sentence.
  4. Only split test two variations of any one page at a time.
  5. Take advantage of free software and use Google analytics to track the progress between your landing pages.  This part is soooo easy, let Google take the guesswork out of the process!
  6. Make website changes based on factual data, NOT emotion!  Sometimes your wrong about what works… Listen to your audience!
  7. Try split testing your video as well.
  8. Small changes can yield huge results!
  9. NEVER run a pay per click campaign if your not willing to also track stats!  The competition will eat you alive!
  10. Repeat

PS – One other thing I failed to mention… and this one is important!  While your delivering your message by video, make sure you point to the place on the website where your wanting your visitor to take action.  If you notice in my example, I am pointing to my sign up form which is just to my left..(your right)  This is a visual call to action and a critical part of your success.  Make sure you do this a least once during your 1 minute presentation.

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