Build Essential Relationships With Your Podcast List!

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On today’s show:

  • We establish the difference between a “Fan Base” and “LIST.”
  • I go on a 3 minute rant over a comment that I received on iTunes… (but it felt so good) explaining why GREAT podcasting is more than microphone reviews and sound quality.  In a nutshell, you need the ability to attract website traffic, build a brand, produce great content, have great sound, and create exclusivity.  Miss anyone of these steps and I show you a podcast that dies a slow and painful death.  This is a dog eat dog world people!  Capitalize on every conceivable advantage or accept 2nd place.  Just ask Ricky Bobby about 2nd place!
  • Prove that creating value is essential and explore how to do this with FREE items!  A must hear for any hobby caster or anyone not selling a product!
  • Discover the essential need to create exclusivity.  Without this.. your dead in the water!
  • Explain why producing great content does NOT build relationships.
  • Understanding Automation – the key to building relationships and staying Top of Mind.
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