Heil PR40 Microphone Review


On today’s show:

  • We unlock the power of the legendary Heil PR40 Microphone
  • What to look for in your next podcasting microphone!  Let’s face it the Heil PR40 is pretty darn good; however, it may not be the perfect microphone for you..  Find out why!
  • Microphone pre amps – learn what they do and how they effect your sound quality.
  • My experience with Heil customer service and my conversation with Bob Heil

To hear the HEIL PR40 with no sweetening, (that’s no compression, no gate, or multi-band equalizer) use this download link.  

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I have a Zoom h4n. I don't know anything about the Heil PR40. How would I connect the two for the best audio quality? Thanks.


I am using a Golden PR40 and Shure X2U directly connect to PC. Mixer is too complicated for me. You sound good

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