Expert List Building Tactics For Podcasting And New Media


On today’s show we set the standard and bring in a multimillionaire internet marketing guru to lay down the ground rules for list building.

Without a doubt, THE LIST is your key to relationship building and eventually making some serious money online.

Here’s a quick peek at our guest’s resume:

  • He’s made more than $8,000,000 over the past 24 months from his online marketing efforts.
  • He has over 100,000 Twitter followers.
  • He struggles to work more than 4 hours per week.
  • He has partied with Tim Ferris….
  • He was home schooled and never went to college.

He is Nathan Jurewicz, the short sale kid.  And yes, the picture on this blog post is him during an audition for a new TV reality series.

During the interview I made some notes that I think are worth highlighting:

  • Google PPC still seems to be the best source of traffic in today’s internet market.  Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing are close seconds depending on the market and niche your in.
  • After many years in the business, Nathan still finds himself trying to perfect his sales funnel.  The lesson you need to learn is act first… worry about the details later.  There will be plenty of time to perfect your craft but you need to act now!
  • Effectively use webinars as a marketing tool to convert sales within your list.  Nathan averages 3 webinars per week.  They are all prerecorded, and any live attendees can chat online with a Virtual Assistant that he’s trained specifically for the job.
  • Create a universal sales funnel and allow your audience to dictate which content they will receive over time via the drip campaign.  This is a very unique approach, as most experts believe in separating the list members into specific categories based on the landing page and actions that prompted them to optin to the list.  Nathan manages a generic list and then gives the members choices once they begin receiving his automated information.  This process does require some special back end programming.
  • 1Shopping Cart is the preferred software for point of sale and affiliate membership management
  • Aweber is the best and most reliable resource for delivering large targeted email campaigns.
  • Everyone needs a mentor…Nathan invests $25,000 a year for his.

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