It’s Official The Aphex Channel Is Now In Studio

Setting up the aphex channel

I’m feeling the tube warmth

So I finally got the Aphex master voice channel installed and set up. It only took about 15 minutes to try out the various settings and make adjustments to get the sound I was looking for.

I also really enjoyed trying out different mics to see how they would sound with “tube warmth.” After going thought my entire lineup, still my favorite and go-to mic is the ElectroVoice RE20. It really sounds good with the Aphex front end. I mean really, really good!

On another note, I hoped the Aphex might also be the answer to breaking out my Heil PR40 and using it more. Sadly, the tube warmth combined with the mid range performance of the Heil only made my voice sound worse. With the Heil…everything’s a work in progress. One of these days I’m sure I’ll find the perfect solution. Today just wasn’t the day.

My initial thoughts thus far –

I really like the logic assisted gate. In my opinion it’s already made my recordings sound much better. For example, even with a professional quality broadcast mic., I still had a level of ambient background noise and echos that I wanted to eliminate. The Aphex Channel handled this task quite nicely. With Logic Pro, I could never find that perfect sweet spot for the noise gate settings and was always able to hear it crash in the background. Not so with the Aphex. Everything is buttery smooth right from the start.

The Aphex Channel has also done an amazing job with sibilance. For me, this has arguably been the most difficult setting to get right in Logic. Maybe I’m a moron… but it’s tricky.

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