Aphex Channel – An All Time Favorite For Broadcasting & Podcasters

aphex channel - a top choice for podcasters and broadcasters alike

I’ve had my eye on an Aphex channel for quite some time. After making a conscious decision to do more live programming, it became apparent that I needed to get serious about hardware.

What’s on the wishlist

I was looking for a complete solution. I wanted compression, eq, and noise gate all in one simple package. I knew this purchase could potentially cost me a grand and I had to be sure I was doing the right thing. I did the research and spoke to the experts. After the dust settled, the Aphex Channel was the clear favorite.

A super star on the professional circuit

The Aphex Channel is the work horse behind many of your favorite radio and broadcast stations. It’s a easy to set up, delivers incredible sound, and has the capability to add that extra “punch” in your audio tracks when the time demands. This is also why so many private studios and voice over professionals rave about this product. It flat out works.

Top podcasters trust the Aphex Channel

What sealed the deal for me was listening to other top podcasters that use the Aphex Channel. Guys like Mark Jensen of NewMediaGear.com, Randy Cantrell from BulaNetwork.com, and Jay Walsh of ProPodder.com. Not only do all their shows kick ass, but the sound quality is undeniable.

So what’s this gonna cost me?

Now I’m on a mission. Come hell or high water I know It’s only a matter of time before the Aphex Chanel is mounted up and looking pretty in my rack. Knowing I’m about to spend a grand on equipment I head to the internet for deals.

I hit Amazon first. Nothing here. Just the usual suspects and a bunch of retailers selling for full price. Ebay is next. To my surprise I find a couple brand new units in auction going for about $100 below retail. I decide to put out some bids, set up alerts and wait.

Should I consider buying used equipment?

Within the week I get my first Ebay alert letting me know there is an Aphex Channel for sale that meets my search criteria. After clicking on the link I discover the alert was for a “used” model priced at $350. Keep in mind, at the time of this writing a used Aphex Channel was easily worth between $595 to $700 dollars. Although this was a fantastic offer, I really had no intention of buying a used piece of equipment. For me it’s just too risky to drop that kind of cash and not be 100% certain you’re getting a perfect unit with a factory warranty.

As I continued to read the listing, I can’t help but be suspicious. I mean why would anyone be liquidating such a great peace of gear that allegedly works perfectly? As I keep reading, I notice the seller was located about 30 minutes from my house! I couldn’t believe my eyes?! What are the chances? By this time I’d been on Ebay a million times before and normally there’s just a small handful of Aphex Channels for sale. There was just no way I ever expected to see and Aphex Channel for sale at THIS price AND be within driving distance… It had to be an sign. Knowing that I could inspect the unit before making the purchase, I contacted the seller and made arrangements to take a closer look.

As it turns out the seller was a fairly well to do individual. He owned a radio station and was getting out of the business and looking to pursue other endeavors. Not only was he selling the Aphex for dirt cheap but he also had loads of other equipment, stands, and racks listed at blowout prices. BOOM I hit the jack pot!

I cashed in. I spent about $500 dollars in total and bought everything I needed. I was like a kid in a candy store. The seller was glad to get rid of the gear and I was more than happy to take it. All of it.

The Aphex is up and running in the studio. So far so good. I’ll post some more information after I get a chance to really test the unit.

If you’re serious about live broadcasting I highly recommend you give the Aphex Channel a look. You won’t regret it.

Here’s some more great information on the Aphex Channel and the first video is really a great demo that shows the product in action.

If you’re ready to buy an Aphex Channel click here

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